Welcome to en.spokenhere.com!

We are in the early stages of web development and there are many bugs in the application. However, in curiosity we've decided to go ahead and launch the alpha version of the site and see what happens. We'll continue to develop the site and make changes to the code, but the overall structure is determined. We'll keep working to finalize the site in the next few months while keeping web robots from indexing the site.

How to get started

Spokenhere attempts to be an advertiser based community of internet users who edit pages on the site as a reference for others to quickly gain insight or knowledge from a multitude of references on single topics. If you would like to help, just pick a language, login, and start creating content. Some HTML knowledge will be required until we have an embedded HTML editor. Alternatively, you can enter the text and let another user transform your document.

Privacy Information

We use session cookies, standard website logging for debugging, and Google Analytics for site performance and statistics information. We consider this to be the minimum intrusion possible and still provide a seemless user experience for users that are logged in. It is possible to use this website anonymously, but you cannot really participate in the community as a whole. At least that is what we are trying out. We may have to restrict access to only registered users in the future.

Privacy Policy